Accreditation Process

Candidacy Status The education program applies for and receives candidacy status which confirms that:
  • a certificate/diploma is granted by the educational institution
  • the education program is affiliated with an institution authorized under applicable law to provide postsecondary education
  • the education program includes 500 OTA/PTA practicum hours
  • the individual responsible (i.e., program head/coordinator/director) for the OTA & PTA education program is a registered occupational therapist or physiotherapist
  • There is
    • a curriculum framework document and an articulated educational philosophy
    • a designated sustainable budget
    • identifiable program space
Candidacy status is granted by the Joint Accreditation Committee.
Letter of Intent for Accreditation Reviews The education program submits a letter of intent to OTA & PTA EAP to participate in a full accreditation review (offsite and onsite). The Peer Review Team (PRT) is selected and the review is scheduled.
Program Self Study Report The education program prepares the Self Study Report (SSR) which is submitted to the OTA & PTA EAP electronically.

Offsite Accreditation Review The education program SSR is circulated to the four member PRT (an occupational therapist, an occupational therapist OTA/PTA educator, a physiotherapist and a physiotherapist OTA/PTA educator). The PRT members review the evidence for compliance with all standards, with a focus on compliance with Standard 6. Compliance with 80% of the criteria in Standard 6 OTA and Standard 6 PTA based on submitted evidence is necessary in order to warrant proceeding to an onsite visit. An offsite review teleconference is held with the OTA & PTA EAP Program Manager and the PRT to draft the offsite review report. The report is forwarded to the education program to assist in its preparation for the onsite visit, and, if necessary describe additional information/documentation requested by the PRT.


Should the Onsite Review be cancelled due to lack of compliance with Standard 6, the program will be given up to one year from the date of notification to the program to provide the required evidence to demonstrate 80% compliance. The program will be invoiced a deferral fee of $2500 to cover the administrative costs related to rescheduling.

If, after re-submission, there is still insufficient evidence to indicate that the program meets at least 80% of the criteria in Standard 6; the accreditation process will be terminated, the program will no longer be a program affiliated with the OTA & PTA EAP, and the program will be required to re-apply for candidacy status.

Onsite Accreditation Review The PRT carries out the onsite accreditation review validating evidence of compliance with all standards. OTA Standard 6 and competencies are reviewed by the two occupational therapists of the PRT and PTA Standard 6 and competencies are reviewed by the two physiotherapists of the PRT. The report reflects the position of the PRT members on the level of validating evidence of compliance with profession specific Standard 6 and competencies.

Following the visit, the PRT does not make a recommendation regarding the program's overall accreditation award. Its role is to gather and verify evidence, and to identify compliance with individual criteria within the standards.
PRT submits Report to OTA & PTA EAP Within two weeks of the onsite review, the PRT report is submitted to OTA & PTA EAP for formatting and editing for consistency.
Edited Report sent for Education Program Review The report is edited and sent to the education program. The program responds to the PRT report to correct any misinformation.
Joint Accreditation Committee The Confidential Accreditation Dossier is prepared; the dossier consists of the program's Self Study Report, the PRT report, and the program's response to the PRT report. Two members of the JAC are selected as the Primary Reviewers to prepare a summary of these documents for presentation at the next JAC meeting.
Accreditation Recommendation The JAC makes an accreditation award recommendation following review of all documents in the Accreditation Dossier, including the Primary Reviewers' report.
  • Fully Compliant
  • Partially Compliant
  • Probationary

Accreditation Decision The accreditation award recommendation is sent to the Boards of PEAC and CAOT for final approval.

The education program is notified in writing of the accreditation award decision and the required follow up in an official Accreditation Review and Status Report (AR & SR).

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