Values and Operational Principles

In its operations, the OTA & PTA EAP adheres to the Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada (AAAC) Guidelines for Good Practice and believes in:
  • Collaboration: authentically engage key stakeholders
  • Respect: demonstrate inclusivity and value differences and diversity at individual, program and societal levels
  • Quality: foster continuous quality improvement and excellence
  • Fairness: apply standards, policies and processes consistently and objectively at all times
  • Accountability: demonstrate responsible decision-making and resource management
  • Transparency: inspire confidence through openness, communication and integrity

Strategic Plan

With thanks to all of our stakeholders for their extensive and helpful input, we would like to share the new OTA & PTA EAP Strategic Map. This will guide our activities for the coming years, and forms the foundation for our operational planning going forward.


Strategic Map 2019


We have a strong focus on the following key outcomes:

  • an efficient, fair accreditation process
  • quality improvement embedded in all activities
  • sustainability of the OTA & PTA EAP
  • strengthening stakeholder relations

OTA/PTA Disclaimer