Séances d'éducation

le 20 juin 2018 - Séance d'éducation (anglais seulement)

If you were unable to attend our session, you can watch the presentation and Q & A on our YouTube playlist.

It covers revisions to the 2012 Accreditation Standards document (Key Indicators, Required Evidence for some criterion, and Explanatory Notes for distance education programs). This presentation also reviewed new Self-Study Report Forms, and a Peer Review Team pilot to address ongoing PRT recruitment challenges.



le 1 juin 2016, Vancouver: "Accreditation as a Quality Improvement Initiative"

If you were unable to attend our session in Vancouver, you can watch each of the presentations on our YouTube playlist: (anglais seulement)

le 26 mai 2015, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thank you to all who attended. Handouts are in the PDF portfolio below.

Powerpoints and Handouts

The session was recorded and is available for viewing at this URL:

http://momentum.adobeconnect.com/p9j65zcn8rl/ A few notes about the recording:
  • Audio is not great - we forgot sometimes to have the audience use the microphone. Audio also cut out sometimes when Adobe Connect was especially busy, and the mp3s that were played are not clear at all - our apologies
  • All handouts are also available for download when you are on the viewing website
  • The recording is bookmarked but you have to use the left menu to find the bookmarks. Set it up like this:

le 18 juin 2014 - Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you for all who attended - powerpoints and summaries of discussions can be downloaded here:

le 23 mai 2013 - Montréal, Québec

Thank you to all who attended! Materials distributed & discussed can be downloaded here:

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