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Programs with accreditation status have demonstrated compliance with the OTA & PTA EAP Accreditation Standards.

Obtaining and Maintaining Accreditation Status

The required steps towards obtaining and maintaining accreditation status are outlined in the Program Accreditation Handbook. Accredited education programs have first been awarded Candidacy Status, and have then completed a full accreditation review, including an onsite peer review team visit. Accreditation status is awarded for a period of six years and maintenance of accreditation status requires:
  1. submission of Progress Reports as required in the AR & SR
  2. submission of an annual accreditation report (online survey)
  3. payment of an annual fee (GUIDE-03-Fee Schedule)
  4. reporting of any substantive change in an education program which may affect compliance (ACC-07 Substantive Change)
  5. publication of accreditation status using required text (ACC-09 Disclosure)

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